• You're Not a Patient, You're a Person

    By focusing on the whole person, instead of symptoms alone, and complementing our therapies with support and education, our mission is to help you live better, be healthier and achieve harmony in life.

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  • Heal the Body and Nurture the Spirit

    Hands-on chiropractic treatment can be a life changing experience, relieving pain, improving mobility and increasing your energy by restoring the normal, natural and optimal way your body should function.

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  • Calm Your Spirit and Soothe Your Soul

    Massage Therapy is the art and science of rejuvenating the body and relieving pain so you feel refreshed, relaxed, reinvigorated and ready to deal with stress and pressures of everyday life. Very Relaxing. Very Effective.

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  • Natural Therapies That Improve Your Well Being

    By focusing on prevention and looking beyond symptoms to identify and treat underlying causes, Naturopathy can remove obstacles to healing and can put you in charge of your health before it is ever an issue.

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  • There's Nothing More Beautiful Than Smooth Skin

    Be poolside ready 365 days a year with professional and safe laser hair removal at the InsideOut Wellness Centre. Looking to free yourself from the chore of shaving? Stop by, treatments are quick, simple and even painless.

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  • Come Kick Your Feet Up

    Chiropody treatment helps relieves foot-related discomfort and pain so you can enjoy a full and active lifestyle. Get back on your feet with confidence or prevent future injury with a treatment tailored for your feet.

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  • Beautiful, Brilliant, and Stellar Confidence

    Healthy Skin is a reflection of overall Wellness. Rediscover beauty and confidence with facials, peels and paraffin treatments. Rejuvenate your skin with one of our many skin care solutions today.

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Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate
Your Body, Mind and Soul.

At Inside Out Wellness Centre in the Vaughan and Woodbridge, Ontario area, our diverse team of expert practitioners offer a wide variety of alternate health and wellness therapies and treatments that can awaken the body’s natural ability to heal, helping you to gain relief from chronic conditions, attain emotional harmony, and support you on your journey to achieving optimal health, life balance and well being.


Our Core Focus & Services



Chiropractic is a skilled, hands-on health care treatment that relieves pain and helps your body be its best.  By using safe and gentle hands-on procedures to correct misaligned vertebrae and postural imbalances...

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy does much more than simply help you feel more relaxed while alleviating pain and discomfort. It can also help your body achieve balance, speed recovery and relieve many health concerns…

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To restore well being and alleviate aches and pains, Osteopathic practitioners assess and treat your body as a whole. Osteopaths take this patient-centric, holistic approach not only because symptoms sometimes…

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Chiropody treatments help you gain added mobility and achieve long-term relief from foot-related discomfort and pain. Chiropody can also help prevent minor foot issues from turning into major health issues…

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Nutritional Counsulting

Nutritional Consulting

Food does more than simply fuel your body. Your eating habits can also impact your overall health, happiness and well being. If you are suffering from a weight management problem or health issues, Nutritional Counselling can…

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Naturopathic medicine promotes wellness by focusing on the unique physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors that contribute to illness, rather than suppressing symptoms. By recognizing and removing barriers…

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The practice of Acupuncture, which has been used in Chinese medicine for at least 5,000 years, does more than unblock energy channels in the body, thereby relieving pain and stress, It also leaves you feeling revitalized…

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Iridology is a safe, non-invasive health assessment tool that interprets the wellness of each system and organ in your body by closely observing the colourings, patterns and markings found on the magnified iris…

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Aromatherapy is an excellent preventative treatment as it helps to relieve stress and related conditions. It stimulates natural immune body mechanisms, and particular oils have an affinity with certain systems of the body…

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Chinese medicine practitioners have used Reflexology to treat a number of conditions for over 3,000 years. Similar to Acupuncture in some respects, Reflexology works with one part of the body to affect other parts of the body…

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Understanding that how you look can directly impact how you feel. We Offer Laser Hair Removal, Facials, Peels and Paraffin Treatments, Body Wraps, and Cosmetic Acupuncture to help you look your best. For a full list of our services please use the navigation menu above.

Body Mind Spirit


Our Body/Mind/Spirit therapies include Quantum Change Process, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Biofeedback, Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, Ion Cleanse Detoxification, and BioMat Therapy. For a full list of our services please use the navigation menu above.

InsideOut Wellness Chakra Guide

Align Your Chakras

Download the InsideOut Wellness Chakra Guide

Chakras are the key convergence points inside our bodies which all our energy flows through. Pain and illness can often present itself when these Charkas are obstructed. To clear our Chakras, we must first understand them. Download our Chakra guide to learn more.

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